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Here are some wonderful comments from clients that have had a spiritual counseling session with Kimberly.
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"I found Kimberly's shop when I was out on a strangely warm day in March. It was beautiful my husband and I took a ride into Connecticut with no destination in mind. We were driving through the mountains and it was just beautiful. We came across a cute little diner, stopped for lunch and that's where I saw her Ad. When I found the shop I was in complete awe, the energy was soothing and very peaceful. When I returned home I found the Crystal Visions Facebook page. I made an appointment and had to reschedule a few times for various reasons. I feel that was all for a good reason, I finally had my session on May 2, 2015, right at a time in my life when I truly needed it. Within the first minute and a half she saw something that not many people know. Her reading was spot on without her asking me any questions she knew me. Kim is absolutely amazing. I will most definitely be returning for more. I brought 3 family members with me who shopped while I was in the reading, they all bought items and are planning to return as well. Crystal Visions was all I expected to be and more. Thank you Kim."
Ellen L., Wappingers Falls, NY

"It was a beautiful warm day in July 2014 when we, having arrived fresh from Texas to visit family, were given a tour of the shop Crystal Visions. 'Swell' I thought to myself as I stepped over the threshold. 'Oh how cute' was my immediate second thought and then it hit me. A feeling of peace, calm and tranquility came over me to the point where all I wanted was to curl-up in the window in the sun and have me a nice little nap. THAT's how calm, serene, peaceful and comforting Crystal Visions is. The vibe is amazing along with the selection of product. Genuine crystals lovingly displayed after being hand-picked by a woman known to have a special gift. Jewelry fit for a queen from days gone by and not just some cheap garbage either. In short, I love this shop. I want to come back and soon. I WILL come back- all 1900 miles and then some with one of the first stops being Crystal Visions. Why? Because I felt like I had come home. It's just that good."
Dawn R., Waverly, TX

"You have done many readings for me, (at home parties). You have also done readings for my daughter as well. In December you told my daughter that I was going to receive an angel and that her baby brother, that had passed would make that happen. You described the angel and what she would be wearing. A couple of months later my brother passed and left a collection of angels, When his daughter was going through his things she asked me if I would like one of them Of course I said yes. When I told my daughter about it she described it to me as you said it would be and Kimberly you nailed it to a T.. Because of that the angel is extra special to me, not only did it belong to my brother but my baby son made it happen. You are centaily blessed with a real spirit..So many other events that you told me about have happened to me and it would take me hours to list them all. God Bless you! I look forward to another reading. Love, Margaret"
Margaret W. Dover Plains, NY

"Kimberly is the most accurate psychic medium I know. I've seen her start reading a person who just comes in to look around without an appointment, and when I see her face, I know she's connecting with them and I am just in awe of her abilities.  She is a very caring person to all of her clients.  I personally always will be loyal to her because she has become my friend and is always there in times of need and in times of crisis.  Her guidance always leads me to what's in my best interests and her perception of what is to come never steers me wrong, and I always have a great time! I know she has a national following as well as in other countries.  My personal experience, and when I am waiting for my appointment, I have seen clients come out in disbelief how she knows so much about them and their personal lives.  We are astounded. I thank her for everything she has done for me in the last 4 years and I love her to death! She is the best!"
Shelley, Putnam County, NY 
"Kimberly has changed my life. I cannot express the gratitude I have for her ability to light my path..... and assist me in navigating my way through personal jungles... as well as meadows. She has been touched by the divine. She uses this spiritual gift with humility. Thank you, Kimberly. You have matured me emotionally and prepared me spiritually in ways you will never know. The peace you have bestowed upon me I wish to be given to you in return ten fold. I say this with a smile and a wink as I frollick down the hall at my job knowing to everything...there is a season...and we...are all of one one universe. I leave Kimberly and continue on my merry way to open the next gate that awaits me on this human path. You are the beacon for all us driftwood. Shine your light upon us.... Lady Kimberly."
Lisa L., Cortland, NY
"I was led to Kim at the most difficult time of my life when I was in turmoil.  She has been a light in the darkness for me. When I felt all alone and lost and almost paralyzed as to what step to take next, I would reach out to Kim and she would give me information that “lit the way” for me to move forward and sure pieces of information that showed me I am not alone. She has given me names of people that would impact my life before I even knew or met them, and she shared information with me that guided and prepared me through the illness and subsequent passing of my father who started communicating messages through her to me almost instantly after he passed.  To have that sense of peace is something I can only wish for anyone.  Kim’s gifts have given me peace, comfort and loving guidance, and with every reading I feel a sense of renewed hope and confidence in life. Thank you Kim."
RP, New York, NY
"I went to see Kimberly not knowing what to expect.  My first instinct was 'Don't reveal anything about myself and see if she's for real!!' Within five minutes, I realized, this lady could know my life story, it doesn't matter.  I lost my boyfriend four months ago and the details and feedback she gave me was uncanny.  Alot of the questions that were holding me back were answered to me.  To know the man I love is still here in spirit and I'm not alone, gave me the first breathe of relief since his death and finally hope that I can move on with my life.  Things have changed, it will never be the same, but I'm going to be OK.  Thank you Kimberly for lightening my load.  You are a remarkable woman. I will be back to see you soon for sure."
Lois T., Yonkers, NY (Ireland native).

"When I met Kimberly for the first time, I was taking off my coat before the reading when she told me she felt there were two people in my family with the same name. She was right. My mother and I have the exact same name. After sitting down, she told me that my father was with us and that she got a “real strong Bronx connection from him.” Again, bullseye. My father was born and raised in the Bronx. After that, we laughed and cried our way through the reading as I was united once again with the most important person in my life, my father. I have been to many mediums and have psychic abilities myself. Beyond a doubt, Kimberly is the ultimate spiritual advisor. Her combination of mediumship, compassion, and accuracy is what I call “the psychic trifecta.” She is both a rarity and a sure thing."  
MMM, Poughkeepsie, NY

"From the moment the reading began, I knew it was definitely my dad that Kimberly was talking with. She spoke of stories and occurrences that no one other than my dad and I would know of. Talking to him and having him explain things that had occurred all those years ago helped heal me in the present. I can’t express the joy and the peace that I now have, knowing for sure that he is always with me, guiding me along the way." 
JO, Middletown, NY
"Kimberly has given me the greatest gift I could ever imagine. I am 50 years old and lost both parents at a very young age.  After 35 years of my mom passing and 30 with my dad, she reunited us.  I have never been so blessed besides my three beautiful boys.  I thank her with all my heart."
LF, South Salem, NY

"Having had many readings over the last 25 years, I have to say, without a doubt, that Kimberly's predictions and accuracy are astonishing!!  So much of what she has fortold through her impressions has unfolded that it is simply undeniable and leaves me with the strong belief that she is truly gifted.  Specific details pertaining to work, family, health and new relationships have proven amazingly precise.  This lady is the real deal!" 
MS, Westchester, NY

Thank you all for you kind words and for allowing me to be a part of your healing experiences and connections on your beautiful journey.  I am so humbled by you and grateful for your presence in my life.
Peace and Blessings Always, Kimberly
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