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Crystal Visions is a place of authentic healing and spiritual growth. Spirituality takes on many forms for many different people. Ultimately, it is our faith that moves us forward. Faith in something greater than ourselves.  Faith that there is some explanation for the events in our lives and the paths we choose.  Faith that there is something out there, watching over us, helping us, teaching us and giving us the signs we need to bring us closer to our spiritual purpose.  We hope to help you on your journey, to be a part of it and to connect you with the beliefs that resonate within your soul. Whether it be religion, energy, community or love, the practice of some form of spirituality everyday can make all the difference for you during life's confusing and sometimes painful experiences. It is our sincere and dedicated wish to offer you products and services to re-leave your mind, invigorate your body and revitalize your spirit. 
Crystal Visions offers services that encourage and re-enforce your own spiritual understanding.  We now have an array of spiritual gifts and novelties to buy at Crystal Visions! We are also happy to announce our store hours.  We will be open for business on  Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am till 6 pm. 
Spiritual counseling and psychic medium readings are offered by store owner Kimberly Taylor. Kimberly's sessions are only available by appointment and can vary to 6 days a week. Kimberly is also available for reading parties! For pricing and a description of the reading experience, click About Kimberly. The  store number is 860-210-9897. 

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Crystal Visions is now a Hay House Affiliate!  Click the link below to start ordering inspiring and life affirming reading materials from renowned authors and leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Richardson, Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay!
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We've had over 40,000 hits on our website from over 26,000 viewers! What a wonderful affirmation of all the connections made through Kimberly and the support of clients and all those in the pursuit of spiritual growth and understanding. We are on the precipice of a new dawn of enlightenment and healing for the earth and humanity.

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We now accept Paypal payments for Gift Certificates or phone readings, for your convenience! If you need to pay for a phone session or wish to pay for your reading prior to your appointment, or even purchase a gift certificate, visit our Contact Us page and select your interest and click Buy Now! Over the next few months we will be offering our space for healers, psychics, mediums and all sorts of gifted souls to enlighten and heal, bringing clarity, resolution, connection and joy to you, and above all... 
Peace and Blessings in the hope that you share it with the world. 
We hope to see you soon!
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