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About Us
Crystal Visions, Inc., is a wonderful meta-physical healing center in the beautiful historic town of Sherman, CT. and is owned and operated by Kimberly Taylor.  Kimberly works as a full time psychic medium while running Crystal Visions.  Spiritual Readings with Kimberly are by appointment only. You can make an appointment
with Kimberly by calling 860-210-9897 or filling out the Contact form on the Contact Us page. 
Please at least allow 48 hours for a response.
Classes and Guests at Crystal Visions!

Reiki and Spirit Channeling with Laura
Crystal Visions is happy to introduce Laura Schek as a wonderful, newly emerging psychic medium and Reiki Master practitioner.  Ever since childhood, Laura has felt that she was connected to a higher vibrational energy.  After a life altering event, Laura was guided to develop her psychic/mediumship and healing abilities.  While attending the Omega Institute in NY, she trained under several top international mediums, such as: James Van Praagh (USA), Tony Stockwell (UK), Mavis Pittilla (UK), Paul Jacob (Germany) and Janet Nahovec (USA).  Laura is certified as a Reiki Master and is guided by Spirit during her Reiki/Energy Healing sessions. 

Laura's Reiki and Channeling services will be available by appointment only on various weekdays. Please call 860-210-9897 to inquire about pricing and availability. 

Spirit Message Circle with Kimberly Taylor
Kimberly Taylor is the owner of Crystal Visions and has been practicing as a professional psychic medium for the last 8 years. Kimberly's ability to connect with Spirit and bring forth loving and poignant messages is known well by those who have experienced individual readings and at parties she has hosted. Kimberly's home parties are booked well into the end of the year, so we will be hosting Spirit Message Circles to allow the opportunity for clients to bring family and friends to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. We welcome you to join us and look forward to seeing you soon!

Venue: Spirit Message Circle with Kimberly Taylor 
Date: Monday, September 28th @ 6:30 pm-8:30pm.
Cost: $40

Aura Photography @ Crystal Visions!

Ever wonder what your energetic field looks like? Do you know if your Chakras are out of balance? Have you ever had a picture of your Aura taken before and after a Reiki treatment? See for yourself if there is a particular stone or crystal that effects your empathetic balance. Join us and meet Jan and Jay from Aura Photo Unlimited. They will sit with you and explain the results of your Aura Photo Analysis! Four different photos and a full 22 page report is offered with your analysis with several options available.

Venue: Aura Photo Unlimited
Date: Saturday, October 3rd from 11 am to 6 pm
Cost: Varies by photo and report package

Robin Mueller comes to Crystal Visions!
Introduction to the Workings of the Sacred Soul by Robin C. Mueller, Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Healer.
I have been doing this work with Robin as a client of hers for over six years and I am absolutely thrilled to offer my clients and customers the opportunity to experience this form of energetic clearing and healing! Every month, after a session with Robin, I feel a profound weightlessness and balance in all areas, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. I can't wait to share her with you! Blessings, Kimberly

Robin utilizes a White Board to show students how to embrace the Sacred Soul within and expand the highest parts of the mental and emotional selves into thoughts and feelings of peace, happiness and comfort. She will visually show the cause and effect of what happens in life both at a physical and soul level. An explanation of how patterns not only shape life but also dictate life's direction will also be discussed. The Ego and Personality have lower mental and emotional thought forms which cause a deep separation from self and soul. There will be a guided mediation and an attunement to the vibration of the Sacred Soul.

For more information about Robin and her work, click

Venue: Introduction to the Workings of the Sacred Soul
Date: Saturday, October 3rd at 6:30 pm
Cost: $60

Happy Halloween from Crystal Visions!

Join us October 16th for a night of cider, holiday treats, fun, and discussion about all things Paranormal! Particularly Angels and proof of their existence. This discussion/lecture will be given by psychic medium Johnny Angel. Johnny will share his first hand experience as a paranormal investigator, Bigfoot hunter, and as a medium, including evidence and facts. We will discuss how to connect with the other side and we invite those who may have had experiences with the paranormal themselves to come and share. Plus demonstrations on protection from negative energies like smudging, invoking light, visualizing a bubble of protection, invoking angels..etc. It will be a great night in the spirit of the season!

Venue: Happy Halloween Paranormal Party (Costumes optional!)
Date: Friday, October 16th at 6:30 pm
Cost: $25

                      John Robinson returns October 17th!
Johnny Angel is a gifted Psychic Medium, healer, Paranormal Investigator, Tarot/Oracle Reader is widely sought after for his intuitive capabilities. He works as a professional psychic medium at various locations in the Hudson Valley.  In his spare time he works with several reputable paranormal investigation companies as a guest Psychic Investigator.  He is a gifted motivational-spiritual speaker and teaches a wide-array of classes, including manifesting your dreams and meeting your Spirit Guides and Angels.. I'm really looking forward to having John come to Crystal Visions so please give him a warm welcome! Mark your calendar and call to reserve your slot today! 

Reiki One Initiation with John Robinson
Reiki Master-Healer, Johnny Angel, will channel the angelic symbols and incorporate them into your energy field to carry with you at all times. These symbols will increase your energy vibration in attracting more positive intentions in your life. They also protect you from negative or denser energies. Reiki is an excellent healing-hands method to heal every aspect of your life...Mind-Body-Spirit! Reiki is highly recommended to anyone seeking true healing on a quantum level. This is your special opportunity to learn and receive from an accomplished Reiki Master himself, Johnny Angel.

Venue: Reiki 1 Initiation
Date: Saturday, October 17th, 11:30am to 2pm
Cost: $222.00

Adult Indigo's in the New Age Part 1
The Johnny Angel is a gifted Psychic Medium, healer, Paranormal Investigator, Tarot/Oracle Reader is widely sought after for his intuitive capabilities. He teaches several informative and insightful classes here at Crystal Visions. This is a class for adult Indigo's and what being an indigo entails, including their gifts for bringing in the New Age as the teachers of the teachers. It is also about the life choices and changes you are currently experiencing. They have been brought about by the hard work you have put towards your life path and soul purpose. You will look upon them as blessings as these new changes and opportunities will bring about auspicious circumstances for you. The time has come for the teachers of the the New Age to come forth and shine. There will be a focus on your life purpose, identifying what that is, and implementing it. 

Class: Indigo Adults in the New Age Part I
Date: Saturday, October 17th at 3:00 to 5:00
Cost: $55

Ionic Detox Foot Spa
Based in part on theories of Reflexology and Ancient Chinese Medicine, ionic foot baths apply a unique form of hydrotherapy to enhance the flow of energy through meridians in your body, using a charged water foot bath. The warm bath of ionic-ally charged water & sea salts immediately brings relief to tired feet.  As reflexology points on your soles become stimulated, corresponding areas of the body are stimulated, helping to re-balance the energy flowing along your body's natural pathways. Each session guides you blissfully to a relaxed, centered state. In this way, the treatment brings positive internal results - some subtle and some profound - which can help your body's ability to function at its best. This may include the function of organs vital to digestion, detoxification, circulation and more!
While the foot bath is widely used to increase energy (both physical and mental energy), vitality, and stamina, at the same time, it purges (detoxifies) the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign material trapped in the skin layers that have clogged up the bod
y's systems of elimination. Its internal cleansing includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification, which results in less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system and significant pain relief, including headaches, gout and arthritis pain.

Representing the leading edge of ionic foot bath technology, this system is favored by many practitioners and patients alike who report such effects & benefits as:
  • increased joint movement
  • relief from joint pain
  • better sleep
  • a better sense of well-being
  • increased vitality
  • enhanced relaxation
  • healthier feet
  • and more...
 We're confident that our ionic foot spa treatment will have you feeling renewed and revitalized, and we want to make sure you maintain that sense of well-being and carry it into every aspect of your life. It's a delightful way to achieve and maintain a refreshed, rejuvenated state.  We will help you understand the results of your session as you enjoy & unwind.

Each Ionic Foot bath costs $20.00. Purchase a package of five and receive the sixth treatment for free. That's six treatments for $100.00. An herbal foot bath with the addition of essential oils catered to your specific needs, is $25.00. Likewise, five herbal foot bath treatments for $125.00 gives you a sixth treatment free! you can learn our about Young Living essential oils in the section below. 

Young Living Essential Oils
The next time you drive by a field of fresh peppermint or hike through a pine forest, breathe deeply-you're experiencing the soul-soothing power of essential oils. But essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are your path to the lifelong wellness we are committed to helping you discover. At the intersection of cutting-edge research and traditional wisdom, Young Living formulates targeted, essential oil-based wellness solutions that empower you to dodge harmful chemicals, energize your life, ditch stress and negativity, and reclaim your natural radiance. Browse this artical for more details about our wellness categories: Home, Wellness, Balance, and Beauty. Have you experienced essential oils in spa treatments or bath and body care products? These aroma-therapeutic uses are only part of the remarkable essential oils story. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to a total mind/body wellness they may never have dreamed possible.Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation, but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful and effective than dry herbs, delivering quick and effective results. Any time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are holding the pure essence of health-promoting botanical that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, incorporated into massage, or taken internally to.  

For more information or to order Young Living's essential oils through Crystal Visions log on to

Crystal Visions has an array of inventory such as: crystals, healing stones, candles, incense, jewelry, greeting cards and much more.  Spiritual novelties sold at Crystal Visions will all reflect the more common religious and spiritual modalities such as; Catholic and Christian, Buddhism, Native American Shamanism, Meta-physical energy healing and Celtic novelties.  We hope to bring you all that you need for authentic spiritual growth and healing.  We humbly thank you for your continued support and kindness and hope to see you soon!
Here are a few of the gifts available for purchase! 




Contact Number: 860-210-9897 
Location: Sherman Commons, 1 Route 37 East, Unit 2, Sherman, CT 06784
Store Hours are: Tuesday thru Saturday: 11AM - 6PM

Crystal Visions is located in the Sherman Commons on 1 Connecticut Route 37 East in Sherman CT. The link below will take you to the intersection of Routes 37 and 39 in Sherman, although the store location is actually just 100 feet further east passed the intersection, directly across the street from the Sherman Elementary School parking lot. Amore Restaurant is just next door! 

Click the link below for directions to Crystal Visions!  
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